The Ambience of Glass Doors

The Ambience of Glass Doors

The front door in a house is first point of entry for your household guests. It offers passerby and visitors a glimpse into décor and personality of the interiors.

As first impression is important, many people choose beauty and elegance offered by a decorative glass paneled door. There are so many styles available in decorative glass, that one can easily choose the best glass door for their house. Let’s have a close look at types of glass used for creating decorative panels for various types of entry doors.

* Tempered Glass-This glass is about 5-6 times stronger than normal glass, and its strength comes from extreme heating and rapid cooling technique used for producing it. This causes it to shatter in oval shaped pebbles, and is called safety glass.

* Beveled Glass-This glass is quite popular among the manufacturers, and is a single pane glass with its edges cut at certain angle around its entire perimeter. Its edges allow it to capture light in a totally unique way and it produces a visually appealing color spectrum.

* Frosted Glass-The exteriors of this glass are sandblasted with acid, resulting in translucent and opaque surface. It’s dense lucidness offers a certain degree of privacy while allowing light to enter through its surface.

* Lead Glass-Lead glass is manufactured by connect thin glass pieces using thin metal strips of zinc, lead, or copper in decorative designs.

* Glue Chipped Glass-Glue chipped glass is made when clear float glass is first sandblasted and then covered using hot glue before it is dried in oven.

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